My first computer was an 8bit MSX which made me discover with passion japanese games, game programming and pixel art.

Some years later, while I was in the University earning a Bachelor degree in IT, i joined the dark side of the PC demoscene. So while learning and understanding different programming languages, Data Base design, and different methodologies, I was also producing PC demos and minigames.

After the University I joined a small software company called CIF SL, where we produced several software solutions, some as standard packages, (CIFTRANS for managing a Truck fleet or CIFKM for deploying document management solutions) and several specific client solutions. The technologies used involved SQL, Delphi, .NET, C#, PHP, Javascript, Jquery and Bootstrap.

I was always making sideprojects in my spare time, from web development to game prototypes … but nothing serious… until 2014, when I planted face to face with my old and rusty dream of being a game developer… and started polishing it as a Unity3D and Phaser (HTML5) freelance developer, working for projects.